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GRADLE-800 - Added JavaForkOptions.bootstrapClasspath - Removed JUnitForkOptions

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GRADLE-800 - Changed AntTest to implement JavaForkOptions. - Removed a bunch of now unused properties from JUnitOptions, JUnitForkOptions and TestNGOptions

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GRADLE-800 - Extracted (public) ProcessForkOptions and JavaForkOptions interfaces out of (internal) ExecHandleBuilder and JavaExecHandlerBuilder.

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GRADLE-800 - Changed AntTest task to always use a forked test process - Removed JUnitOptions.forkMode, fork and reloading properties - Added AbstractTestTask.forkEvery property to replace ForkMode.PER_TEST. Specifies the number of test classes to execute per test process.

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- Moved the test stuff from gradle-core to gradle-plugins, to live with the other java stuff.

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