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Renamed subprojects/gradle-(.+) to subprojects/$1

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Added more content to the dsl reference

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Fixed some codenarc 'basic' rule violations

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fixes for java 5 and for windows.

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GRADLE-1045 - Extracted IdePlugin out of EclipsePlugin and IdeaPlugin - Changed the ide plugins to not apply the base plugin - Change 'cleanEclipseWtp' to delete only the wtp settings files, not the whole .settings directory - Updated ide plugin chapters - Changed type of EclipseClasspath and EclipseWtp sourceSets property to Iterable<SourceSet> instead of NamedDomainObjectContainer.

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GRADLE-1132 - The eclipse plugin generates the jdt setting file, based on the source and target compatibility

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Extracted some common infrastructure out of the various ide task and model classes.

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Replaced ideaModule.gradleCacheVariable and gradleCacheHome with ideaModule.variables

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GRADLE-1172: Added MavenResolver.beforeDeployment() to allow actions to be performed after the pom has been generated. - Added ActionBroadcast as a convenience for using ListenerBroadcast with Actions.

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GRADLE-1187 - Added some int test coverage for merging dependencies in existng iml file and path variable substitution - Cleaned up Path() construction so that it is all done via a PathFactory.

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Fixed broken unit test on unix

GRADLE-984 - Handle case where project directory is on different file system to cache dir.

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GRADLE-1187 - Don't use relative paths for dependencies in the artifact cache.

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Changed EclipseClasspath, EclipseProject, IdeaProject, IdeaModule and IdeaWorkspace wthXml() to delegate to an XmlProvider, rather than a Groovy Node.

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Some minor tidy-ups

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Fixed NPE in IdeaProject task when there is a subproject which does not have the idea plugin applied.

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- Tightened up checkstyle javadoc rules for the API - Moved more classes out of the public API

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Some fixes to ensure output files are closed

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- Added chapter to the user guide listing all the tasks provided in the distribution. - Added files for all API packages. - Moved a bunch of internal classes out of API packages. - Added a checkstyle check that all API packages must have a - Merged AbstractJettyRunWarTask into JettyRunWar.

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Set downloadJavadoc to false as a default for the idea plugin.

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GRADLE-1060 - Renamed Task.taskGroup to group

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GRADLE-1047 - First pass at revised output for gradle -t - Added Task.taskGroup property, to allow tasks to be grouped for display and reporting purposes. - Changed gradle -t to show only those tasks whose taskGroup is not null (temporarily).

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Another attempt to fix broken int test

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Some attempts to fix broken int test

Removed unused test project

GRADLE-623/GRADLE-783 - Added int test for groovy and scala compilation in incremental builds - Finished adding input/output annotations to the various compile tasks

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GRADLE-967, GRADLE-992 Add default excludes. Pick up late changes to build dir. Fixed bug in integ test.

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Add idea plugin to distribution.

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