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Some build refactoring: - Only use a new timestamp for the distribution version if something in the core source has changed since last time we built - Extracted tasks for docbook -> xhtml and xhtml -> pdf conversions - Changed release task to update the contents of

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Fixed website build

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Split gradle-jetty subproject out of gradle-core

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updated to new snapshot

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Fixed wrong upload destination for docs.

Refactored build to make it cleaner. Removed svn release management code from buildSrc. Refactored jdk1.4 retro translation into custom task. Refactored install into custom task. Refactored remote locations properties into class for docs.

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Started defining inputs and output for the userguide generation tasks, so that incremental builds work for them.

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Created subproject for generating the documentation. Removed exploded dist creation. Configure the archives at configuration time not at runtime.

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