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Moved the dsl documentation out of the userguide to standalone documentation - Added navigation bar to dsl docs - Generate a separate page per class

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Fixed property ref

Some website updates: - uses the Gradle version the userguide docs were generated for, rather than the version in - fixed broken int tests - fixed some markup

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Some DSL doc generation changes: - Indicate whether a property is read-only in the documentation. - Moved generation classes into separate package.

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Changed dsl doc generation to reflect the fact that plugins can extend existing types (formatting is pretty bad at the moment).

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Extract some meta-data from the source code to include in the dsl documentation - Superclass is automatically determined. - The type of each property is automatically determined. - Fixed generated link to source when type is defined in a groovy source file.

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Include inherited properties and methods for each type in the DSL docs.

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A very rough first cut at some DSL reference material, with some generated navigation.

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Minor tweak

- Added chapter to the user guide listing all the tasks provided in the distribution. - Added files for all API packages. - Moved a bunch of internal classes out of API packages. - Added a checkstyle check that all API packages must have a - Merged AbstractJettyRunWarTask into JettyRunWar.

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Some updates to the idea plugin chapter

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Moved gradle-imports out of the distribution and into gradle-core.jar as a resource.

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GRADLE-819 - Moved ProjectBuilder to o.g.testfixtures - Changed ProjectBuilder to handle project.apply from: - Changed HelperUtil to use ProjectBuilder - Some changes to the custom plugin sample

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Documentation changes - Added 'standard plugins' chapter which lists the available plugins, include this in the website too - Replaced references to usePlugin() with apply() - Javadocs

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Fixed some javadoc warning

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Various little changes

- Added plexus-annotations jar to fix compile error under Java 5.

- Added some docs.

- The MavenPom exposes now the Model instead of the MavenProject.

- Turned OsgiPluginConvention into Java.

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- Reworked the start of the 'build script basics' chapter

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- Updated to new snapshot

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- Use relative links to website content in user guide content that is included in the website

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- Fix images in userguide content included in website - Some style tweaks

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- fix styling for ie

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- Include the tutorials chapter in the userguide (in addition to the website) - Some style, front page and navigation tweaks

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- Share common css across userguide and website - Updated some fonts and colours for userguide

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- Include some tutorials in the website content - More words to website pages - Rearranged contents of footer - Some style tweaks

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Use apply() instead of usePlugin() to get rid of deprecation warnings

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Fixed input files declaration for userguideDocbook

GRADLE-362 - Generate a samples/readme.html containing a description of the samples. - Include this in the userguide as well. - Rearranged the contents of docs/build directory

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- Use relative links to javadoc and groovydoc in html userguides. - Cleaned up some floating variables in docs.gradle

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- updated to new snapshot - reuse CopySpec for binZip in allZip - use Sync task to install, and assemble int test image - use Copy task to assemble docbook stylesheets image

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Some build refactoring: - Only use a new timestamp for the distribution version if something in the core source has changed since last time we built - Extracted tasks for docbook -> xhtml and xhtml -> pdf conversions - Changed release task to update the contents of

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