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GRADLE-620 Task eclipse doesn't put file references of dependencies into project's classpath. War does not pick up file dependencies from configurations. - Factored out Eclipse integration test from SampleJavaMulti

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GRADLE-634, GRADLE-635, GRADLE-636 - Added samples for groovy+java and scala+java joint compilation - Added int tests for above - Changed samples to all use same version of junit (4.7)

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GRADLE-571 - Added SourceSetContainer to JavaPluginConvention. - JavaPlugin adds 'main' and 'test' source sets. - Removed JavaPluginConvention.*classesDir*, use the source set classesDir instead. - Extracted AutoCreateDomainObjectContainer out of DefaultConfigurationContainer/DefaultConfigurationHandler and use this to implement SourceSetContainer.

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Created subproject for the gradle-core.

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