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Split core integ tests out into separate source dir and source set.

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- Switched on naming convention checks for codenarc. - Switched on NeedBraces check for checkstyle.

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Tightened up checkstyle rules: - Check header of groovy files - Check naming convention is followed in java files

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GRADLE-680 - Added some basic incremental build support - Implementation is quite inefficient at this stage - Moved most service construction into DefaultServiceRegistryFactory. - Added some int test coverage for incremental builds

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Made in process execution of integration test work. Updated build scripts to work with newest HEAD. - Updated QuickGradleExecuter and InProcessGradleExecuter - Updated IntegrationTest to behave well in embedded mode. For example by not using System properties for communication between tasks. - Added switches to the build script to turn on non forked integ tests execution.

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- Removed javadocDir, javadocDirName, srcRoot and srcRootName convention properties - Changed webAppDirName convention property to be relative to project dir - Updated convention property sections of all plugin chapters

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- Cleaned up some of the dependencies in the build scripts - Extracted intTestImage task out of the integTest tasks - Reuse same gradle home for all int tests in all projects - Include :gradle-ui:integTest in developer/ci/release/upload builds

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Fix int test on windows

put the trace in the right spot this time

Created subproject for the gradle-core.

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