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Tightened up checkstyle rules: - Check header of groovy files - Check naming convention is followed in java files

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GRADLE-634 - Split up AnnotationProcessingTaskFactory into a number of classes. - Changed AnnotationProcessingTaskFactory to add the value of all @InputFiles properties as a dependency of the task. - Removed special case dependency handling from various plugins

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GRADLE-571: - Changed GroovyPlugin to replace the compile task for all SourceSets, rather than just main and test. - Changed CodeQualityPlugin to add checkstyle and codenarc tasks for all SourceSets. - Removed a bunch of properties from GroovyPluginConvention and *CodeQualityPluginConvention. - Added FileCollection.add(FileCollection) - Use PatternFilterable in a few places where PatternSet was being used.

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GRADLE-554, GRADLE-555 - Moved default locations for checkstyle and codenarc config files. - Upgraded to CodeNarc 0.7

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Created subproject for the gradle-core.

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