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Renamed subprojects/gradle-(.+) to subprojects/$1

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fixes for java 5 and for windows.

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Add BuildListener event closure methods to the Gradle object.

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GRADLE-1047 Added some content for 'projects' and 'help' tasks

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- Added ProjectInternal.getImplicitTasks() container, for built-in tasks like -t. Not used yet - Renamed ProjectInternal.getServiceRegistryFactory() and GradleInternal.getServiceRegistryFactory() to getServices()

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- Don't use the gradle.home system property - Deprecated Gradle.gradleHomeDir

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- Replaced with META-INF/ resources. Allows each plugin to provide some meta-data, such as its name. - Removed -l command-line option.

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GRADLE-280 - Moved logging related methods from Settings and Gradle interfaces to Script, so they are available for all scripts. - Tidied-up script classloaders, buildSrc classes are available to all scripts, except init scripts.

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GRADLE-280 - Allow all scripts to declare their classpath in a buildscript { } element. - Added file() and files() methods to all scripts. - Cleaned up some methods from Gradle and GradleInternal.

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GRADLE-280 - Added Project.apply { }, which allows an external script to be applied to the current project, or to a set of arbitrary objects.

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Improve logging of nested build execution (eg buildSrc): - Don't change the logging level when executing buildSrc builds - Changed TaskExecutionLogger to include a prefix when logging the execution of a task from a nested build - Added Gradle.getParent(), which returns the parent of the current build

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GRADLE-707, GRADLE-680: - Added TaskActionListener interface. Allows listeners to receive notification of a task doing some work - Exposed more listener interfaces via GradleLauncher.addListener() and Gradle.addListener(). - Introduced the concept of a logger: a listener which has the responsibility of logging the events. - Allow the logger for a given type to be replaced via Gradle.useLogger() - Extracted task execution logging out of the various TaskExecuter impls into TaskExecutionLogger - Removed duplicated JUL messages

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GRADLE-680 - Extracted TaskExecuter and impl out of AbstractTask, and inject a TaskExecuter impl into AbstractTask. - Changed TaskInternal.execute() to return a TaskExecutionResult - Reset didWork flag before each action that executes. - Renamed what was TaskExecuter to TaskGraphExecuter - Reapplied some changes to Test and TestTest which went missing in the merge.

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GRADLE-680 - Inject services into AbstactTask - Removed Gradle.internalRepository - Moved creation of DefaultInternalRepository into GradleInternalServiceRegistry.

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GRADLE-680 - Split up DefaultServiceRegistryFactory. - Moved some service creation out of DefaultGradleFactory into various ServiceRegistry impls - Changed AbstractProject to get all services from its ServiceRegistry - Changed DefaultGradle to get most services from its ServiceRegistry

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Changes to add a listener manager. This includes basic support for remoting listeners across processes.

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GRADLE-571 - Introduced IsolatedAntBuilder which provides a builder style API for executing Ant tasks, identical to AntBuilder. - Simplified assembly of ClassLoaders in BootstrapMain, so that only a single ClassLoader is built containing logging + everything else. Simplifies life for embedders too. - No Gradle classes or libraries are visible to the ant+groovy versions used to execute the isolated build. - Cache and reuse ClassLoader for a given ant+groovy classpath.

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GRADLE-588, GRADLE-608, GRADLE-586 - Added GradleLauncher.addStandardOutputListener() and addStandardErrorListener(), allows embedding app to receive stdout and stderr logging from Gradle's logging system - Added default imports support for init scripts - Set context classloader when init, settings and build script executes - Added logger and stdout capture methods to Gradle and Settings - Rearranged script execution so that all script types share more infrastructure

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GRADLE-588 Added support for an init script. Patch supplied by John Murph.

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More renaming related to changing Build -> Gradle. Changed BuildInternal to GradleInternal and DefaultBuild to DefaultGradle.

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GRADLE-525 - To support debugging, use the full path to the script as the filename when compiling the build script. - Upgraded to groovy 1.6.4 - Removed previous attempt at debugging support. - Added ide task for root project - Slight modification of patch supplied by John Murph.

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Created subproject for the gradle-core.

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