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Renamed subprojects/gradle-(.+) to subprojects/$1

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Added more content to dsl reference

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Fixed some codenarc 'basic' rule violations

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- Tightened up checkstyle javadoc rules for the API - Moved more classes out of the public API

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GRADLE-927 Add tasks and methods for exec and javaexec.

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GRADLE-800 - Added a TestResult parameter to TestListener.afterSuite(), currently always has success status. - Added JavaForkOptions.enableAssertions, defaults to true for AntTest. - Ensure every Test instance has a unique id. - Synthesise a test suite for each worker process.

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GRADLE-800 - Added JavaForkOptions.bootstrapClasspath - Removed JUnitForkOptions

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GRADLE-800 - Changed AntTest to implement JavaForkOptions. - Removed a bunch of now unused properties from JUnitOptions, JUnitForkOptions and TestNGOptions

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GRADLE-800 - Changed test execution so that Gradle has responsibility for forking test processes. - Temporarily ignore test options. - Switched on TestListeners for TestNG tests. - Gradle classes and classes under test are now isolated from each other in the forked test process. - Fixed a deadlock when worker process fails before it connects to the server, and after the server has started sending messages to the worker process.

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GRADLE-800 - Extracted (public) ProcessForkOptions and JavaForkOptions interfaces out of (internal) ExecHandleBuilder and JavaExecHandlerBuilder.

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- Switched on naming convention checks for codenarc. - Switched on NeedBraces check for checkstyle.

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- Split up the o.g.api.internal.file package a bit. - Moved FileSet out of the public api intoo.g.api.internal.file - Removed ExistingDirsFilter.

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GRADLE-679 - Changed CopySpec.from() so that it now accepts other CopySpecs - Added Project.copySpec() - Moved caseSensitive property to CopySpec

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GRADLE-730 - Fix Include and Exclude closure use in Copy task

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GRADLE-679 - Some more fixes for FileCollection.getBuildDependencies() - Some fixes to AbstractCopyTask to correctly use the convention value for 'from' - Removed ZipFileSet and TarFileSet.

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Some minor tidy-ups

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GRADLE-679 - First pass at native archive tasks. Archive tasks now share the same API as Copy, and use common-compress to do the work.

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GRADLE-679 - Some changes to CopySpec to allow it to be reused for archive building - Replaced CopyProcessingSpec.remapTarget(cl) with rename(cl) - CopySpec.rename() is no longer able to filter files. Can use more general exclude(spec) or exclude(closure) instead. - CopySpec.into() for a nested spec is resolved relative to the destination directory of the parent spec. - Added CopySpec.into(path, closure) - Extracted name mapping into CopyDestinationMapper and impl - Introduced CopySpecVisitor, which allows the copy visitor access to the spec

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GRADLE-680 - Fixed NPE when attempting to execute a task that has never successfully executed. - Fixed some hotspots in up-to-date checking - Serialize less stuff, use custom serialization for some stuff - Ported FileSet to java

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Fixed windows build

GRADLE-666 - Allow include and excludes to be specified for PatternFilterables using Specs or Closures.

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Removed a bunch of unused/unnecessary code

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GRADLE-668 ZipFileSet attributes should be lazily evaluated at execution time.

GRADLE-571 - Replaced srcDirs property on Compile, GroovyCompile, ScalaCompile with src property, which can accept any of the types handled by Project.files() - Wire up the include/exclude patterns on SourceSet so they are honoured by the various compile tasks. Added int test for this. - Use a transitive configuration when resolving the groovy classpath to pass to the Groovy tasks, to handle case where dependency is declared on 'groovy' is used instead of 'groovy-all'. - Added SourceSet.allSource property.

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GRADLE-571 - Added overloaded FileCollection.addToAntBuilder() which allows the caller to specify the target ant type: ResourceCollection, FileSet or MatchingTask.

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GRADLE-634 - Some fixes for shipping dependencies around through complex arrangements of files collections and file trees. - Replaced FlatFileTree with SingletonFileTree. - Fixed AbstractFileTree.addToAntBuilder() so that it does not lose the tree structure when adding itself to an Ant task.

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- Renamed FileSet.baseDir back to dir - Fixed copy { from configurations.someConfig } - Fixed copy { from someFileCollection + someOtherFileCollection }

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- Added some userguide coverage for FileTree - Allow FileTrees to be used as the source of a copy action. - Extracted visiting out of CopyActionImpl to FileTree - Moved FileVisitor to o.g.api.file package - Allows a FileVisitor to cancel the traversal. - Moved globalExcludes from CopyActionImpl to PatternSet. Now applies to all files scanning - Changed globalExcludes to use the same set of excludes as Ant - Removed DefaultFileCollection - Changed AbstractArchiveTask.files() to accept Object and resolve as per Project.files() - Changed *FileSet to not fail if baseDir does not exist.

git-svn-id: 004c2c75-fc45-0410-b1a2-da8352e2331b

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- Added a first cut at a chapter describing how to work with files - Added FileCollection.asType() to allow the 'as' keyword to be used with file collections. - Introduced ConfigurableFileTree interface, and replaced Project.fileSet() with fileTree() - Renamed FileSet.dir to baseDir - Changed a bunch of places to use Project.fileTree() rather than new FileSet().

git-svn-id: 004c2c75-fc45-0410-b1a2-da8352e2331b

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GRADLE-571: - Changed GroovyPlugin to replace the compile task for all SourceSets, rather than just main and test. - Changed CodeQualityPlugin to add checkstyle and codenarc tasks for all SourceSets. - Removed a bunch of properties from GroovyPluginConvention and *CodeQualityPluginConvention. - Added FileCollection.add(FileCollection) - Use PatternFilterable in a few places where PatternSet was being used.

git-svn-id: 004c2c75-fc45-0410-b1a2-da8352e2331b

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