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- Moved compilation and javadoc tasks from gradle-core to gradle-plugins

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- Moved the test stuff from gradle-core to gradle-plugins, to live with the other java stuff.

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GRADLE-571 - Replaced srcDirs property on Compile, GroovyCompile, ScalaCompile with src property, which can accept any of the types handled by Project.files() - Wire up the include/exclude patterns on SourceSet so they are honoured by the various compile tasks. Added int test for this. - Use a transitive configuration when resolving the groovy classpath to pass to the Groovy tasks, to handle case where dependency is declared on 'groovy' is used instead of 'groovy-all'. - Added SourceSet.allSource property.

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GRADLE-525 - To support debugging, use the full path to the script as the filename when compiling the build script. - Upgraded to groovy 1.6.4 - Removed previous attempt at debugging support. - Added ide task for root project - Slight modification of patch supplied by John Murph.

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Created subproject for the gradle-core.

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