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GRADLE-223, GRADKE-395, GRADLE-619, GRADLE-864, GRADLE-865, GRADLE-867, GRADLE-868, GRADLE-869, GRADLE-870 Improve manifest and osgi manifest handling.

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GRADLE-734 - Changed DefaultInternalRepository to 'download' any additional artifacts for a project dependency. - Added FileCollection.filter() and minus(). Use these in the war plugin + task to build the WEB-INF/classes and WEB-INF/libs dirs.

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GRADLE-679 - First pass at native archive tasks. Archive tasks now share the same API as Copy, and use common-compress to do the work.

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GRADLE-679 - Added Project.zipTree() and tarTree() which return a FileTree backed by a zip or tar file. - Removed AbstractArchiveTask.merge() and mergeGroup() - can achieve the same thing using zipTree() and tarTree() - Moved most of the copy logic for a single file out of CopyVisitor into AbstractFileTreeElement, so that it can be reused elsewhere

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GRADLE-706 - Use convention mapping when task property value is an empty collection or map, and the property value has not been explicitly set using setter method.

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GRADLE-620 Task eclipse doesn't put file references of dependencies into project's classpath. War does not pick up file dependencies from configurations. - Factored out Eclipse integration test from SampleJavaMulti

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- Added a first cut at a chapter describing how to work with files - Added FileCollection.asType() to allow the 'as' keyword to be used with file collections. - Introduced ConfigurableFileTree interface, and replaced Project.fileSet() with fileTree() - Renamed FileSet.dir to baseDir - Changed a bunch of places to use Project.fileTree() rather than new FileSet().

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GRADLE-478 - Added a number of annotations which can be attached to task properties, to mark things such as input and output files. - Added these annotations to the built-in tasks. - Replaced FileCollection.stopActionIfEmpty() with stopExecutionIfEmpty()

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GRADLE-602 - Allow a task to have a default/no-args constructor - Changed AbstractTask/TaskFactory to inject project and name into an AbstractTask instance - Removed constructors from most task classes.

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Created subproject for the gradle-core.

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