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Deprecate --tasks, --dependencies, --properties, replaced by gradle tasks, dependencies, properties

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Renamed 'org.gradle.integtest.nofork' to 'org.gradle.integtest.fork'

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GRADLE-1171 - Handle case where a script contains only a class definition that implements an interface

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GRADLE-1090 - java plugin provides defaults for Test task instances

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- Moved applying BuildLogger to the build from various places into DefaultGradleLauncherFactory so that it is applied to all builds - Apply 'success' and 'failure' styles to the BUILD SUCCESSFUL and BUILD FAILED messages - Merged OutputEventTextOutput into StyledTextOutput - Fixes for broken int tests when running in forked mode

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Split handling of logging command-line options (--debug, --info, --quiet and --no-color) into a separate converter.

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Moved command-line options which aren't related to running a build (--gui, --help, --version) from DefaultCommandLine2StartParameterConverter to CommandLineActionFactory. Removed corresponding properties from StartParameter.

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Allow task properties to be mapped to command-line options. - Added @CommandLineOption annotation - Use this to handle gradle tasks --all - Removed special case execution code for --tasks, --properties and --dependencies

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Some changes to command-line parsing which will allow task-specific command-line arguments.

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Use 'gradle tasks' instead of 'gradle -t' in various places.

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Fixed how int test output is compared with expected value, so that it works on windows.

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Removed TestClassProcessFactory and WorkerProcessFactory

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Renamed TestNgExecutionResult -> TestNGExecutionResult

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Renamed TestNgExecutionResult -> TestNGExecutionResult

GRADLE-1142 Handle case where a TestNG test method is skipped because a dependency method fails.

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Some rework of TestNG int tests - Added @UsesSample annotation which can be used with the Samples JUnit rule - Moved most of the TestNG samples out of samples and into int test resources - Updated the version of TestNG used by samples and int tests

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Added some trace for int tests that are failing on CI machines

Some openApi int test refactoring: - Added an int test to check forwards and backwards compatibility with other Gradle versions - Extracted some reusable fixtures out of the various int tests

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Allow different text styles to be requested via StyledTextOutput - Changed task report renderer to use this - Changes to get the style information to the end of the output event pipeline. Not quite connected to the console yet.

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Some thread safety fixes for output system

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System.out and StyledTextOutput both use the same log level when generating log events.

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Split the integration test resources out of the logging sample

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Reworking of the logging system to detangle progress logging and logging output from slf4j. - Will allow colourisation and help solve various logging issues in the build daemon branch - Route all output events via a chain of OutputEventListener implementations.

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Fixed NPE in IdeaProject task when there is a subproject which does not have the idea plugin applied.

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Changed Jar task to always use the task's generated manifest, and ignore any source files called 'META-INF/MANIFEST.MF'.

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GRADLE-1044 - Fixed fluent style CopySpec configuration - Fixed CopySpec.with(archiveTask.rootSpec) - Added support for CopySpec.with(archiveTask)

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GRADLE-1059 -t shows only tasks which have been assigned to a group, by default - Added --all option to show all tasks and dependencies in the output of -t - Reordered LogLevel constants in ascending order of severity, so that compareTo() makes sense.

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Removed old eclipse integration test.

Initial checkin of rewritten Eclipse plugin.

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Fixed broken int test on windows

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