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Renamed subprojects/gradle-(.+) to subprojects/$1

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GRADLE-974/GRADLE-1208 - Handle cases where there might be multiple failures for a given test: @Before and @After methods both fail, or @Test and @After methods both fail, multiple @After methods fail, etc.

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Renamed TestNgExecutionResult -> TestNGExecutionResult

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Renamed TestNgExecutionResult -> TestNGExecutionResult

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GRADLE-1142 Handle case where a TestNG test method is skipped because a dependency method fails.

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Some rework of TestNG int tests - Added @UsesSample annotation which can be used with the Samples JUnit rule - Moved most of the TestNG samples out of samples and into int test resources - Updated the version of TestNG used by samples and int tests

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GRADLE-907 - Don't show anything written to System.out or System.err by test classes on the Gradle console when using testng.

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- Shuffled a bunch of classes around.

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- Ignore 'downloading' messages in actual user guide sample output. - Moved int test fixtures into separate package - GradleDistribution no longer provides an executer - Changed QuickGradleExecuter into a junit rule - Int tests that extend AbstractIntegrationTest use the same user homd dir and default-import as int tests that @RunWith(DistributionIntegrationTestRunner) - Fixed ui:integTest to actually run the tests

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- Distinguish between internal (Gradle) failures and failures from the suite itself. Log internal failures as errors with stack trace. - Reorganised responsibilities of JUnitTestClassExecuter and JUnitTestResultProcessorAdapter

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GRADLE-907 - Replaced usage of Ant's JunitTestRunner with our own, to improve error handling and get better access to stdout capturing. - Refactored JUnitTestResult test fixtures - Fixed test class/name detection for early 4.x versions

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- Use a junit @Rule to inject the GradleDistribution into each integration test, rather than a home-made injection mechanism - Use a custom runner for the user guide samples integration test, which runs each sample as a separate test - Temporarily switched off expected and action output checking for int tests, as it wasn't actually checking anything and some tests are currently broken. Will switch it on again soon.

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- Renamed apply url: to apply from: - Renamed apply id: to apply plugin: - Renamed apply type: to apply plugin:

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GRADLE-847 - Don't fail build if TestNG test throws expected exception

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GRADLE-800 - Report only failed test classes, not each failed test (ie the behaviour we used to have when using the Ant task) - Fail the build if any test suite fails (eg a failure in a JUnit Runner implementation) - Be a bit more forgiving of badly behaved test processors

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GRADLE-800 - Renamed AntTest back to Test - Renamed Test to TestDescriptor

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GRADLE-800 - Provide correct resultType for test suite result - Collect failures in the test suite itself to provide in the result. - Send less stuff across the wire for test results - Added JUnitTestResult fixture to use in int tests

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GRADLE-800 - Added a TestResult parameter to TestListener.afterSuite(), currently always has success status. - Added JavaForkOptions.enableAssertions, defaults to true for AntTest. - Ensure every Test instance has a unique id. - Synthesise a test suite for each worker process.

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GRADLE-800, GRADLE-824 - More test coverage for more types of failures in JUnit/TestNG tests - Handle failures in TestNG config methods (@BeforeMethod, etc)

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GRADLE-800 - Set context classloader when executing tests - Merged TestSuite into Test - Changed TestListenerFormatter and TestNGListenerAdapter to handle parallel test execution - Use internal interface TestResultProcessor, rather than public TestListener, to ship test events around

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GRADLE-800 Fleshed out TestListener events: - Use a consistent cross-framework naming scheme for tests - Can get class name and method name for a test, if applicable - TestSuite is-a composite Test - Fire a global suite start and end event that encloses all tests and suites - Added start and end times to TestResult.

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GRADLE-800 - Fixed TestNGIntegrationTest so that it fails when the expected tests are not run - Fixed TestNG integration to handle javadoc annotations, and suite xml files. - Start using some of the TestNGOption properties

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GRADLE-800 - Fix test execution problem when test classpath contains a version of Ant < 1.7.0 - Use the working directory specified by the test options for test processes. - Better handling of internal exceptions in test process.

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GRADLE-800 - Changed test execution so that Gradle has responsibility for forking test processes. - Temporarily ignore test options. - Switched on TestListeners for TestNG tests. - Gradle classes and classes under test are now isolated from each other in the forked test process. - Fixed a deadlock when worker process fails before it connects to the server, and after the server has started sending messages to the worker process.

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- Switched on some more checkstyle and codenarc checks.

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Split core integ tests out into separate source dir and source set.

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