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Renamed subprojects/gradle-(.+) to subprojects/$1

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GRADLE-974/GRADLE-1208 - Handle cases where there might be multiple failures for a given test: @Before and @After methods both fail, or @Test and @After methods both fail, multiple @After methods fail, etc.

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GRADLE-926 - Don't block waiting for other test processes to complete when reforking a test process.

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- Ignore 'downloading' messages in actual user guide sample output. - Moved int test fixtures into separate package - GradleDistribution no longer provides an executer - Changed QuickGradleExecuter into a junit rule - Int tests that extend AbstractIntegrationTest use the same user homd dir and default-import as int tests that @RunWith(DistributionIntegrationTestRunner) - Fixed ui:integTest to actually run the tests

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- Fix test task when build dir is not the default

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GRADLE-907 - Replaced usage of Ant's JunitTestRunner with our own, to improve error handling and get better access to stdout capturing. - Refactored JUnitTestResult test fixtures - Fixed test class/name detection for early 4.x versions

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