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Renamed subprojects/gradle-(.+) to subprojects/$1

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GRADLE-1280 - Use projectDir as the default working dir when running under the daemon

Fixed broken unit tests on non-windows platforms

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GRADLE-1283 - Added unit test

Fixed GRADLE-1283 timezone version bug.

GRADLE-1159, GRADLE-1232, GRADLE-1256, GRADLE-968, GRADLE-877, GRADLE-876 - Removed %GRADLE_HOME% environment variable - Made %JAVA_HOME% environment variable optional - Fixed a bunch of problems with %JAVA_HOME% handling in gradle.bat/gradlew.bat

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Changed AbstractIntegrationTest so that it uses the same GradleExecuter as the other int tests. Fixed resulting fallout.

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Some javadoc fixes

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GRADLE-1281 - Don't inherit process-specific environment variables set by the Apple JVM when forking processes.

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Updated CrossVersionCompatibilityIntegrationTest

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Fixed occasional breakage in int test

GRADLE-1003 - Artifact upload message now says 'upload' instead of 'download'

GRADLE-872 - Don't check file timestamp when copying

GRADLE-1279 - Don't attempt to execute tests on non-static inner classes.

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GRADLE-1173 - Added RepositoryHandler.mavenLocal() method, to add a resolver which uses the local maven cache. Code supplied by Steve Ebersole.

Some changes to shorten the name of compiled script classes.

GRADLE-1206 - Use timeout strategy of 'always' for local maven repos. - Fixed problem where snapshot timeout strategy was not being used until after the second time a module is resolved. - Added some int test coverage for snapshot caching for http repos.

Some javadoc fixes

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Extracted logic for determining the default download url for a gradle version out of Wrapper into DistributionLocator, and reuse this in the int tests for downloading previous versions.

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GRADLE-1273 - Fixed case where scala classes reference java classes with scala 2.8 - Updated samples and int tests to scala 2.8.1

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GRADLE-1268 - Use a task's classloader when deserializing input properties.

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Some changes to tests to make spock 0.5 happy

- Changed GradleVersion to implement Comparable - Added GradleVersion.isSnapshot() - Changed several places to compare GradleVersion instances, rather than attempting to parse the version string.

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Fixed broken int test

- Moved the check for <layout> sample element contents to the int tests, and added an 'after' attribute which will check after the given tasks have been executed - ie check for generated files/dirs. - Changed the format for <layout> contents, so that directories must have a trailing '/'

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Fixed checkstyle violation

Updated compatibility int tests

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Fixed broken int test when using the daemon

Added more dsl reference content

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