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Merged idea & eclipse subprojects into 'ide' subproject. Pending: -package names changes? -move eclipse/idea integ tests to ide subproject

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Housekeeping. Added a fix of an edge case for idea plugin (when there was a dependency to a non-idea project the idea plugin could fail). Added corresponding integration test. Refactored names to make it more consistent.

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(GRADLE-1440) Fixed the problem with incorrect project dependencies in .classpath. It occurred when user had configured the eclipseProject.projectName property.

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removed EclipseClasspath.entryConfigurers in favor of a regular whenConfigured {} hook test polishing

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partial fix for GRADLE-1275: EclipsePlugin does not properly support WTP project dependencies

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Don't assume a particular implementation for the value of EclipseClasspath.sourceSets

fixed GRADLE-1330: StackOverflowError in Eclipse plugin in case of circular dependencies

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fixed GRADLE-1305, part 2: Eclipse plugin should configure the IDE to generate classes into the default location for the IDE, rather than into build/classes/$sourceSet

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fixed GRADLE-1078: eclipse .classpath generation should order source folders per usual conventions

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Renamed subprojects/gradle-(.+) to subprojects/$1

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