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Merged idea & eclipse subprojects into 'ide' subproject. Pending: -package names changes? -move eclipse/idea integ tests to ide subproject

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(GRADLE-1449) Improved ToolingApi so that it honors user's customizations of source folders. ToolingApi is using eclipse plugin's domain model to get the proper source folders. This way the logic that understands gradle model and can translate it to eclipse model lives in single place (e.g. eclipse plugin). Details:

-since creation of eclipse model was getting complicated introduced a factory for that. It also improves testability

-eclipse plugin no longer need to keep state in eclipseProjectTask field (we can get it from parent's class project field)

-created / fixed corresponding integration tests

-creation of source folders in ToolingApi deserved a factory so it received one. Now it's cleaner & unit testing is possible

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fixed GRADLE-1304, part 1: Eclipse plugin should replace the existing classpath when merging IDE configuration files

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Renamed subprojects/gradle-(.+) to subprojects/$1

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