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Merged idea & eclipse subprojects into 'ide' subproject. Pending: -package names changes? -move eclipse/idea integ tests to ide subproject

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Added more documentation to the DSL reference.

- examples related to EclipseProject/IdeaModule generation

- mentioned deduplication logic for eclipse project name

- added example related to 'provided' dependencies

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(GRADLE-1407) First step in removing the duplication across eclipse & idea plugin. The duplication relates to module name deduplication logic.

- moved some logic to 'core'

- removed 'getCandidateNames()' from the task to avoid exposing our logic to users

- pending: make changes in idea accordingly

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(GRADLE-1407) Similarily as with idea plugin I added a configurer task that runs before eclipse generator tasks.

- eclipse plugin configures the configurer on root project and makes all generator tasks depend on it

- introduced marker interface that helps adding dependencies of configurer task

- added integration test


- refactor to reduce duplication across eclipse/idea plugin and move unit tests accordingly

- document in the eclipse dsl guide the deduplication logic and effect on the projectName

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turned Eclipse WTP tasks into XmlGeneratorTaskS

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groovyfied some Groovy code (minor syntactic changes)

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fixed GRADLE-1080: Eclipse .project merging creates significant whitespace diffs changed codenarc rule to allow more expressive method names in Spock specs

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Renamed subprojects/gradle-(.+) to subprojects/$1

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