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Merged idea & eclipse subprojects into 'ide' subproject. Pending: -package names changes? -move eclipse/idea integ tests to ide subproject

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(GRADLE-1449) Improved ToolingApi so that it honors user's customizations of source folders. ToolingApi is using eclipse plugin's domain model to get the proper source folders. This way the logic that understands gradle model and can translate it to eclipse model lives in single place (e.g. eclipse plugin). Details:

-since creation of eclipse model was getting complicated introduced a factory for that. It also improves testability

-eclipse plugin no longer need to keep state in eclipseProjectTask field (we can get it from parent's class project field)

-created / fixed corresponding integration tests

-creation of source folders in ToolingApi deserved a factory so it received one. Now it's cleaner & unit testing is possible

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housekeeping & refactoring

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(GRADLE-1446) Refactored the intra-task dependencies between configurer & generator task for eclipse plugin. Made it more gradle-like by using dependency mechanism instead of implicit method call inside EclipseConfigurer. EclipseConfigurer no longer configures the domain objects for generator tasks, other tasks do it now. ModelBuilder needs to run extra tasks now (pending refactoring)


-documentation for GeneratorTask

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(GRADLE-1446) Customizations within before/whenConfigured hooks are honored by the tooling api. Details:

- Added EclipseDomainModel that is accessible via EclipsePlugin. This will contain entire model for of eclipse plugin. Currently it is small but will grow.

- enabled and refactored integration test that validates that before/whenConfigured are honored by tooling api.

- ModelBuilder now uses the eclipse plugin model instead of eclipse generator tasks

- Rename job at GeneratorTask

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(GRADLE-1339) Added basic fix for the issue. Now the tooling api honors eclipse's projectName customizations and projectName deduplication logic. Details:

- EclipsePlugin now exposes the eclipseProject task. This is just a first step. In future it will expose the proper model object however it requires lots of refactoring.

- Added integration test for new features (tooling api handles deduplication & project name customizations)

- Changed slightly ToolingApiEclipseIntegrationTest.groovy so that it doesn't interfere with newly added project name deduplication

- Tooling api's ModelBuilder now applies the eclipse plugin for all projects and runs eclipseConfigurer

- Added necessary dependency from tooling-api to eclipse plugin

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(GRADLE-1407) Similarily as with idea plugin I added a configurer task that runs before eclipse generator tasks.

- eclipse plugin configures the configurer on root project and makes all generator tasks depend on it

- introduced marker interface that helps adding dependencies of configurer task

- added integration test


- refactor to reduce duplication across eclipse/idea plugin and move unit tests accordingly

- document in the eclipse dsl guide the deduplication logic and effect on the projectName

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updated some code comments

fixed GRADLE-1399: Incorrect contents generated for org.eclipse.wst.common.component file in Eclipse WTP Utility Module projects

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replaced EclipseWtpComponent.sourceSets with EclipseWtpComponent.sourceDirs

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fixed computation of transitive project dependencies in EclipsePlugin

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rewording of Eclipse task descriptions

more fixes for GRADLE-1275: EclipsePlugin does not properly support WTP project dependencies

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removed EclipseClasspath.entryConfigurers in favor of a regular whenConfigured {} hook test polishing

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partial fix for GRADLE-1275: EclipsePlugin does not properly support WTP project dependencies

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GRADLE-1248 - Added DomainObjectContainer.withType(Class, Closure) and withType(Class, Action) as a convenience for withType(Class).all(Closure)

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fixed GRADLE-1305, part 2: Eclipse plugin should configure the IDE to generate classes into the default location for the IDE, rather than into build/classes/$sourceSet

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groovyfied some Groovy code (minor syntactic changes)

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GRADLE-1248 - Added DomainObjectContainer.all() as replacements for allObjects(). - Method all(Closure cl) treats the closure as a configuration closure. - Deprecated allObjects(), TaskCollection.allTasks() and PluginCollection.allPlugins().

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Renamed subprojects/gradle-(.+) to subprojects/$1

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