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Combine and rewrite all documentation generation

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Revert "Revert "Merge branch 'release'""

This reverts commit 67b8bb8f18f854f45a2f5ec52cc9c8a25981e2f2.

This restores the merge attempt from earlier.

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Revert "Merge branch 'release'"

This reverts commit c7fdc455dcb9a8016af0ae9bc8b4c43fde1e2d06, reversing

changes made to 9f70d52b74dbc8c71381781b6c155474031b3cf8.

The changes need a wrapper as there are API changes. Reverting for now.

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Fix indentations and allow nested bullet points

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Add some unimportant change

Make test fail

Add a flaky test

Validate conventions for release-features.txt

This commit adds a test that checks release-features.txt for:

- At most 10 lines in total

- Every line starts with " - "

- Every line has at most 80 characters

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Ignore this test since it's never actually run until we do a release.

Removed line length check for release notes

Add a spin assertion around the check that the release notes contain the same number of fixed issues as the data feed.

My theory here is that we are probing the list part way through the insertion op.

Use HTTPS for links and communication to and

+review REVIEW-5132

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Update test to new wording in release notes.

Some fixes for tests to work under Groovy 2.2

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Changed some source files so that they will compile under Groovy 2.x

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Changed release notes test to better match how issue summary is normalised.

Some changes to GradleVersion's API.

- GradleVersion.version() is stricter wrt the version strings it will accept.

- Replaced GradleVersion.getVersionBase() with getBaseVersion() that returns a GradleVersion.

- Replaced GradleVersion.getMajor() with getNextMajor() that returns a GradleVersion.

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Only consider IO exceptions as indicating that the release notes data feeds are unavailable and therefore the tests should be ignored.

Rework the release notes functional test to deal with the ajax more reliably.

Treat any exception encountered when testing whether we can reach as indication that we can't.

Add some tests for the JS in the release notes for the fixed/known issues.

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Migrate release note checks to be junit tests.

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