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Externalize samples testing infrastructure

This change replaces UserGuideSamplesRunner with an external library

called sample-check. Sample discovery, execution, and normalization

is delegated to this library, with some custom normalizers remaining

in the Gradle codebase.

Samples output has become co-located with the sample code. Samples tests

must be run with Java 8+.

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Fix expected output in samples

Fix property list report

Move all attribute related code into their own packages

This commit moves all public attribute-related classes to the `org.gradle.api.attributes` package,

and all the internal attribute-related classes to `org.gradle.api.internal.attributes` package.

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Fix expectation in userguide sample test

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Fixed expected sample output.

Fix property list report, again.

+review REVIEW-5214

Fix property list report test.

Why do we still have this?

+review REVIEW-5214

Fix userguide sample test

+review REVIEW-5214

Fix a user guide test

+review REVIEW-5214

Fix for broken int test

Fix output check test after extra property was added to AbstractProject.

Remove 'buildDirName' from expected output.

Rename DynamicObjectHelper to ExtensibleDynamicObject.

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Update expected output of “properties” task after AbstractProject.getAdditionalProperties() was removed.

Only expose the elements of TaskContainer as a DynamicObject to Project, rather than the entire TaskContainer - A bunch of internal stuff is no longer exposed as properties directly in project: all, asMap, classGenerator, conventionMapping, displayName, empty, eventRegister, namer, rules, store, type, typeDisplayName - Deprecation warnings are no longer emitted when running 'gradle properties'

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Renamed subprojects/gradle-(.+) to subprojects/$1

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