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Externalize samples testing infrastructure

This change replaces UserGuideSamplesRunner with an external library

called sample-check. Sample discovery, execution, and normalization

is delegated to this library, with some custom normalizers remaining

in the Gradle codebase.

Samples output has become co-located with the sample code. Samples tests

must be run with Java 8+.

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Use common output chain for grouping and header generation

This allows us to group logs for print streams like stdout and stderr.

Use PrettyPrefix header for all output chains, making our output

consistent between rich and plain console modes.

Adjust functional test coverage to accomodate for new task header

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Re-activate user guide samples integration tests

- Adjusted expected output according to new console

- Updated 'jacoco' and 'source set' samples to not use deprecated API

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Reverted my last fixes to failing tests / refactorings. Apparently, I cannot change the *.out files because they are presented into the manual

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Removed the hack with 1 secs turned into a regex. Now it's using the simple regex mechanism I introduced in previous commit

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Renamed subprojects/gradle-(.+) to subprojects/$1

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