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Externalize samples testing infrastructure

This change replaces UserGuideSamplesRunner with an external library

called sample-check. Sample discovery, execution, and normalization

is delegated to this library, with some custom normalizers remaining

in the Gradle codebase.

Samples output has become co-located with the sample code. Samples tests

must be run with Java 8+.

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Add intro and example scenarios to Java testing chapter

I now cover some for the basics of testing so that readers have a foundation

before going into the more specific topics. I have also added some common

scenarios that users encounter, with examples of how to tackle them.

Finally, I've added an integration test for all the samples in this chapter.

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Upgrade JUnit Platform to 5.1.0

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Document JUnit 5 in Java Plugin chapter of userguide

This fixes

Provide documentation of the JUnit 5 support in Gradle 4.6 userguide

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Polish PR on feedback

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Normalize output when test case name contains parentheses

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Refine release note and userguide

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Polish documentation for JUnit Platform

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