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Reorganized samples

+review REVIEW-5865

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Improvements to the handling of build output with GradleRunner.

- Don't separate stdout and stderr for the output component of the build result

- Have forwardOutput() forward stdout and stderr to the System.out of the client (opposed to splitting)

- Rename to forwardStdOut() and forwardStdErr()

- Don't treat Tooling API connection failures as failed builds

- De-tangle the IO object pieces so that they make sense in isolation

- When forwarding from the build to the clients stdout, don't encode just to decode again (i.e. passthru)

- Polish on the Javadoc and release notes for this feature

+review REVIEW-5654

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Change the `TaskResult` enum to `TaskOutcome`.

After working with this a little, the overloaded uses of `result` became slightly problematic. Moreover, “outcome” is slightly more accurate as if you squint and look sideways it has a more constrained scope than the term “result”.

+review REVIEW-5533

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The user guide now also renders the imports. No more need to use fully-qualified class name.

+review REVIEW-5533

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Actually test the TestKit samples.


- Added some better (still needs improvement) handling of not being able to find a distribution to back the runner

- Removed wrapping of failures that aren't build failures (e.g. daemon disappeared)

+review REVIEW-5533

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Rename 'org.gradle.testkit.functional' to 'org.gradle.testkit.runner'.

There will likely be other parts to the testkit, that are used for functional testing (e.g. repo test doubles), and we don’t want to jam them all into the same package.

+review REVIEW-5533

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Introduce new types for querying tasks by specific execution status. Changed API to allow for future extensions.

+review REVIEW-5533

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Rename succeeds() to build() and fails() to buildAndFail() on GradleRunner.

Using 3rd person verb forms has little precedent for side-effecting actions, and is jarring to read.

+review REVIEW-5533

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Rename “UserFunctionalTest” to “BuildLogicFunctionalTest”.

Former doesn't make much sense in context.

+review REVIEW-5533

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Polish the example tests a little.

+review REVIEW-5533

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Don't encourage use of spock label descriptions.

These are the devil.

+review REVIEW-5533

The method "withTasks" is kind of redundant. In practice the distinction between tasks and options as arguments is weak. Allow users to provided options and tasks with a single method "withArguments".

+review REVIEW-5533

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Demonstrate the use of the test-kit with Spock as a comparison to JUnit.

+review REVIEW-5533

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