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Revert "Convert groovy samples to lazy tasks API"

This reverts commit 5201a50eb5eb42ad69f327c9f8b073c115653656.

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Convert groovy samples to lazy tasks API

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Favor using FileCollection.iterator() over FileCollection.getFiles()

In some cases it's cheaper to create the iterator than a full-blown Set.

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Sample projects should provide root project name as best practice (#3730)

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Remove usage of --no-search-upwards and deprecate

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Migrated final native sample to model DSL block

Define source sets within component definition for many native samples and tests

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only attach source sets of relevant languages to component

- introduce LanguageOutputType for modelling language output

- keep registering factories for all kinds of provided SourceSet types for _all_ functional sourcesets in project#sources

- just create default languageSourceSet where component inputs (partially) match language output

- update integtests

TODO: handle custom libraries (currently returning empty set of component inputs); handle 3party language output / language plugins / components

+review REVIEW-5076

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Use the 1.12 syntax in native-binaries samples and user guide

- The changes will be announced after 2.0

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Updated samples for renamed containers

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Use 'generatedBy' in the 'idl' sample

Added a basic sample for generating sources from 'idl' inputs

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