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include Kotlin DSL sample for chapter publishing_ivy (customize-identity sample)

Signed-off-by: jnizet <>

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Fix Java component publishing

When we introduced the `java-library` plugin, we made sure

the published POM reflects what a downstream project in the

same build would see: `api` dependencies are exposed, `implementation`

dependencies are hidden. The legacy `compile`/`runtime` dependencies

are exposed as well for backwards compatibility.

We forgot to adjust the tests for the existing `java` plugin,

leading to a confusing difference in behavior. The `java` plugin

was still hiding the legacy `compile` and `runtime` dependencies from

consumers. This was due to a bug in the implementation of `JavaLibrary`,

which was looking for the `api` configuration instead of the `apiElements`


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Improved ivy-publish sample for multiple publications, and added test

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