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Convert userguide to asciidoc - jetty to multiproject (#2802)

Fixed conversion problems

- licenses (broken link)

- multiproject (line breaks, escaping)

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Remove mention of clean/parallel issue and clean up parallel execution section

Add source for multiproject userguide (#915)

Fix typo

+review REVIEW-6138

Clarify fundamental problem with parallel execution

+review REVIEW-6138

Warn users about usage of clean task in combination with --parallel

+review REVIEW-6138

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Fix duplicate level 2 section IDs

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Fix duplicate section IDs in user guide.

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Generate IDs for user guide sections without them.

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Add missing word

There's a missing word here, and I'm guessing it should be "add".

Remove 'This and That' chapter from User Guide

- Remove reference to "directory tasks" that haven't existed in a long time.

- Move "Directory Creation" section to 'Working with Files'

- Move "Caching" section to 'Command Line' chapter

- Move properties section to 'Build Environment'


- Move configuring arbitrary objects section to 'Writing Build Scripts'


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Favor `Java` over `java`

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Minor tweaks to the user guide edit

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Full proofreading pass on user guide. * Fixed many small typos * Fixed many small grammar issues, requiring small rephrasing * Reworded many phrases to avoid problem with "literal"s being truncated at EOL * Added blank columns to some tables to avoid overwrites * Added newlines to code samples to avoid truncation * Edited all task dependency graphs to use UML "depends on" notation, with arrow from task to depended task, along with a mention of this in the introduction * Added info to "" to describe how to edit graph images * Fixed template link for API references * Ensured text uses "left double quote" and "right double quote" where appropriate * Made a handful of small actual content changes to emphasize points not fully covered * Changed some "p" elements to "para" * Changed some "thread" elements to "thead"

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Remove confusing paragraph.

Remove rogue sentence.

Remove another 'By default'.

Remove section on depending on all child tasks by name.

This isn't a pattern we want to promote.

Remove detail about custom physical project layouts.

This is good info, but it's in an awkward spot and I can't find a proper home for it.

Replace explanation of script plugins with link to existing section.

Remove 'By default'.

Doesn't quite make sense here.

Minor rewording of what CoD is.

Remove arbitrary comment about configuration time including plugin downloads WRT CoD.

Reorganise note on only one buildSrc directory being allowed.

Documentation: Added more textabout coupling, and other minor stuff.

Documentation fix: your are -> you are

Some simplifications in the multiproject user guide samples.

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Documented parallel execution mode in the user guide.

small grammar fixes

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REVIEW-1207 small docs update with configuration on demand