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Rename user manual asciidoc files to snake_case

This makes the file names match the output HTML file names,

allowing for us to convert the user manual to asciidoc only.

See also #5837

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Improve explanation of `api` vs `implementation` in manual

I've reordered a one or two things and attempted to bring a little more clarity

to this topic in the Java Library Plugin chapter of the user manual. I have

also linked directly to this particular section from the main Building Java

projects chapter so that it gets more attention.

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Align documentation and tests on feature preview API

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Rename chapter and smaller touch ups (#4305)

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Extract content on configurations into separate chapter (#4267)

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Add more content on configurations (#4240)

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Elaborate more on compile vs. runtime scope

Move content from feature preview document to user guide

To make it sustainable and easy to discover for users. The content

is reworded to fit into the existing documentation and with the new

terminology definitions. Some explanations are moved to the release

notes, which previously linked to the preview document, to better

illustrate the features there.

Features documented:

- optional dependencies

- BOM support

- compile/runtime scope separation

- metadata sources (was already added to documentation earlier,

therefore it can also be removed from the preview doc)

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Convert userguide to asciidoc, i to jdepend (#2741)

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