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Convert userguide to asciidoc, i to jdepend (#2741)

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Fix notation

Explain why coverage verification task doesn't hook into check

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JacocoCoverageVerification task type uses Jacoco Ant library

Remove method from documentation

Include source code reference

Use task name that better expresses intent

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Use JacocoCheck in documentation

Enhance samples and documentation

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Fix duplicate section IDs in user guide.

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Generate IDs for user guide sections without them.

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New configuration option for JaCoCo agent version 0.7.6

Signed-off-by: Evgeny Mandrikov <mandrikov@gmail.com>

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Full proofreading pass on user guide. * Fixed many small typos * Fixed many small grammar issues, requiring small rephrasing * Reworded many phrases to avoid problem with "literal"s being truncated at EOL * Added blank columns to some tables to avoid overwrites * Added newlines to code samples to avoid truncation * Edited all task dependency graphs to use UML "depends on" notation, with arrow from task to depended task, along with a mention of this in the introduction * Added info to "README.md" to describe how to edit graph images * Fixed template link for API references * Ensured text uses "left double quote" and "right double quote" where appropriate * Made a handful of small actual content changes to emphasize points not fully covered * Changed some "p" elements to "para" * Changed some "thread" elements to "thead"

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minor language and formatting improvements

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fixed capitalization

Added missing space to a few places in user guide.

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Some edits to the JaCoCo plugin chapter.

Use a consistent way of referring to incubating things.

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jacoco -> JaCoCo in documentation.

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fix userguide integtest after disabling csv and xml output default output for jacoco report.

REVIEW-1961: only generate html coverage report as a default

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fix ci (jacoc userguide samples)

REVIEW-1965: use JaCoCo instead of jacoco; fix section of tasks introduced by jacoco plugin when java plugin is applied too

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REVIEW-1876: remove unitTestTaskName and integrationTestTaskName from JacocoPluginExtension; just consider plain test task from javaplugin in sonar integration.

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change package name for jacoco plugins; use conventionmapping when setting JacocoReport#destFile from JacocoPlugin.

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Fixed capitalisation of HTML, XML, and CSV in a bunch of places in the docs

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minor tweak to jacoco userguide chapter (add illustration of html report)

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minor tweak to the jacoco documentation

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Add jacoco chapter to userguide and add DSL documentation of jacoco classes

TODO: add jacoco to release notes

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