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Convert more chapters automatically to asciidoc

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Remove some some duplicated words from gradle

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Fix link to user guide section

Polish userguide and release notes with respect to Java 9 continuous build restrictions

+review REVIEW-6094

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Add Java 9 restrictions for Continuous Build to userguide

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Document minimum Java requirements in the Userguide

+review REVIEW-6046

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Generate IDs for user guide sections without them.

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Better documentation and release notes

+review REVIEW-5709

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Fix up release notes and add section to user guide about known problems

+review REVIEW-5709

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Update continuous build docs

+review REVIEW-5709

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Remove outdated documentation for continuous build

When running on windows, instruct to use ctrl-d + enter to cancel the build.

I couldn't find anyway to defeat cmd.exe buffering. There are some anecdotes of this being possible with JLine (and of course direct native calls), but nothing feasible to use at this time.


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Add ignored tests for continuous build with tarballs as inputs

This doesn't work yet because we ignore tarTree's that are not backed by a file.

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Add notes to continuous build docs about potential deadlock on Mac OS X.

+review REVIEW-5511

Use the term “continuous build” consistently.

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Docs for continuous build.

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