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Documentation: fix broken link

Signed-off-by: Jean-Michel Fayard <>

Rejig the user manual navigation

I've removed the link to the Using the Build Cache Guide as it wasn't clear

what the difference was with the Enabling and Configuring the Build Cache was.

To make up for its removal, the Guide is prominently linked from the user

manual chapter.

I've also reordered the Gradle API entries to improve the look by keeping the

Groovy DSL entries together and the Kotlin DSL ones.

Finally, I removed the Standard Gradle Plugins page because it overlaps with

the plugin reference page.

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Fix some broken links in the user manual

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Show example for annotation first

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Add sample for cacheable custom task

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Changes after review

- one sentence per line

- NPM config files as input

- ListProperty<String>

- pass a string rather than a file to outputs.file()

- link to guide for relocatability

Signed-off-by: jnizet <>

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Use a generic NpmTask, which just takes arguments

Signed-off-by: jnizet <>

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Avoid promoting ad-hoc tasks, and use a JavaExec-based example instead

Signed-off-by: jnizet <>

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document how to make ad-hoc tasks cacheable

Signed-off-by: jnizet <>

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include Kotlin DSL sample for chapter build_cache (#6597)

Signed-off-by: jnizet <>

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Convert user manual to be generated by Asciidoctor only

This change replaces all embedded Docbook syntax from the user manual.

Asciidoctor files are now converted directly to HTML and PDF.

It not only greatly simplifies the user manual generation pipeline, but also it makes it faster.

I did the following for all user manual pages:

- [x] Adjusted links to other manual pages, DSL docs, and Javadocs where necessary.

Fixed a couple dozen broken links at least.

- [x] Convert samples XML from docbook to asciidoctor syntax

- [x] Converted wide tables to a more flexible list-based display

Important contributor differences from now on:

- Users must use a `<file>.adoc#` prefix for all cross-reference links.

This is _required_ to achieve working links in all 3 outputs: multi-page user manual, single-page user manual, and PDF.

- The manual PDF is no longer themed, and no longer has the list of examples links in the TOC.

- File names were changed from camelCased to snake_case to have a crystal clear 1-1 mapping between source to output.

- Section reference verification is now handled by Asciidoctor verbose mode.

- The single-page user manual has the same navigation as the multi-page manual for now.

- [Common Asciidoctor extensions]( are now used by Gradle Guides and the User Manual, however, the the web assets (CSS, JS, etc) are not yet merged.

These extensions are responsible for injecting the navigation and styles.

The header/footer/navigation HTML can now be found under `subprojects/docs/src/main/resources`.

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Rename user manual asciidoc files to snake_case

This makes the file names match the output HTML file names,

allowing for us to convert the user manual to asciidoc only.

See also #5837

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