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Convert build init docs

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add template for a groovy application in the build init plugin

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Added `java-application` type to build init plugin, to generate the build for a Java application.

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Fix duplicate section IDs in user guide.

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Generate IDs for user guide sections without them.

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address review items

+review REVIEW-5924

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Change scala-library build init type to use Zinc compiler by default

+review REVIEW-5802

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Rename 'with' option to 'test-framework' in build init plugin

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Rename 'with' option to 'test-framework' in build init plugin

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Tweak documentation

Point to instead of Google Code that it currently redirects to

document --with testng java-library init modifier

reword setup modifier description now that more than one modifier is


Fix typo in the documentation

Reorganize documentation of new modifier in build init plugin

update Build Init Plugin userguide page

add section explaining init type modifiers

for each init type list modifiers supported or None

Update build init plugin docs to properly reflect actual configured repositories.

Favor `Java` over `java`

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Favor `Groovy` over `groovy`

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Full proofreading pass on user guide. * Fixed many small typos * Fixed many small grammar issues, requiring small rephrasing * Reworded many phrases to avoid problem with "literal"s being truncated at EOL * Added blank columns to some tables to avoid overwrites * Added newlines to code samples to avoid truncation * Edited all task dependency graphs to use UML "depends on" notation, with arrow from task to depended task, along with a mention of this in the introduction * Added info to "" to describe how to edit graph images * Fixed template link for API references * Ensured text uses "left double quote" and "right double quote" where appropriate * Made a handful of small actual content changes to emphasize points not fully covered * Changed some "p" elements to "para" * Changed some "thread" elements to "thead"

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fix wrong userguide chapter formatting after using autoformat in intellij

REVIEW-3319: mention new buildtypes in userguide; fix renaming issue (was still build-setup-plugin.html)

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Some more renamings in former build-setup subproject - rename build-setup plugin to build-init - rename ProjectSetupDescriptor interface to ProjectInitDescriptor - renamed buildSetup gradle subproject to buildInit

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