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Signed-off-by: Josh Soref <>

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Add the model properties for the IDE tasks to the DSL guide.

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Remove a bunch of deprecated stuff from the IDE module

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First step in big refactoring in the GeneratorTask area. All changes are backwards-compatible at this moment. In short, the aim of the refactoring is to move out fields from GeneratorTask to a proper model, kill the GeneratorTask hierarchy, separate the xml-generation model from the data model, and more :). Details:

-moved 2 fields from the task into a new model. Since the new DSL is not ready I didn't deprecate existing properties that delegate to new model

-idea plugin now instantiates the model (uses ClassGenerator to make sure instances are convention-aware)

-needed to rename the IdeaModule task and fix the docs accordingly


-move further fields into new model

-a blessing from Adam - is this the way to go?

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