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Update BT docs logos CSS

+review DC-3857

Update BT docs logos

+review DC-3857

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Revert "Fix Javadoc anchors with new JDK 9 search bar"

This reverts commit a126acd785bba67706ea4c9dcaa622f0c9fef351.

Fix Javadoc anchors with new JDK 9 search bar

Fix Javadoc anchors with new JDK 9 search bar

Merge branch 'release'

Modify margin and padding for h5 headings

This means that clicking on a link to an h5 anchor will make it appear below

the top nav.

Fixes dotorg-docs#320

fix covered edit button on some pages

Move the headers down a bit to make sure the edit button is always clickable. Resolves #7898.

Display PDF link beside new User Manual subheader

Load Lato font for Javadocs and fix header submenu overlap

Update Javadoc styles to adapt to Java 9

Since the Gradle distribution is generated by Java 9 now,

the HTML differed causing our custom CSS not to work well.

Search for DSL Reference visual polish/layout fixes

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Give a little less whitespace around header nav on desktop

Fix top navigation and search display for DSL reference

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Add metadata about type of documentation for search purposes

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Customize display of docsearch

Ensure newsletter sign up is always protected by reCAPTCHA

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Improve header navigation for docs

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Adjust spacing around navigation links and letters to be more pleasant

Restore lost newsletter subscription disclaimer in docs footer

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Improve rendering of Gradle docs version in WebKit-based browsers

Optimize docs text-rendering

Add link to user manual PDF in navigation

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Restore lost docs version number styling

Adopt Lato/Inconsolata font stack for docs

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Convert user manual to be generated by Asciidoctor only

This change replaces all embedded Docbook syntax from the user manual.

Asciidoctor files are now converted directly to HTML and PDF.

It not only greatly simplifies the user manual generation pipeline, but also it makes it faster.

I did the following for all user manual pages:

- [x] Adjusted links to other manual pages, DSL docs, and Javadocs where necessary.

Fixed a couple dozen broken links at least.

- [x] Convert samples XML from docbook to asciidoctor syntax

- [x] Converted wide tables to a more flexible list-based display

Important contributor differences from now on:

- Users must use a `<file>.adoc#` prefix for all cross-reference links.

This is _required_ to achieve working links in all 3 outputs: multi-page user manual, single-page user manual, and PDF.

- The manual PDF is no longer themed, and no longer has the list of examples links in the TOC.

- File names were changed from camelCased to snake_case to have a crystal clear 1-1 mapping between source to output.

- Section reference verification is now handled by Asciidoctor verbose mode.

- The single-page user manual has the same navigation as the multi-page manual for now.

- [Common Asciidoctor extensions]( are now used by Gradle Guides and the User Manual, however, the the web assets (CSS, JS, etc) are not yet merged.

These extensions are responsible for injecting the navigation and styles.

The header/footer/navigation HTML can now be found under `subprojects/docs/src/main/resources`.

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Constrain layout of newsletter form

Add disclaimer to newsletter email sign up in docs

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Allow Groovy, Kotlin, and Gradle-specific syntax highlighting

This change creates and uses custom xslthl config that allows

Docbook to highlight syntax in a language specific way instead of

just always falling back to java.

Styles for syntax highlighting are adjusted to match IntelliJ


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Fix padding in docs for medium sized screens when navigation to subsection