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Introduce `CapabilitiesExtension`

This commit adds a capabilities extension which can be applied to a project. If it's added, local

components gain the ability to declare capabilities. Currently, only the `java-library` plugin

supports capabilities, but it's expected that more plugins will add it (for example, the native

plugin), which explains why the extension lives in `core`.

When a project declares capabilities, they are bound to configurations. This lets us fail whenever

a local component capability conflicts with a transitive module capability. It will also let us

publish capabilities for local components in a subsequent commit.

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Rename metadata builders

- `ConfigurationComponentMetaDataBuilder` -> `LocalComponentMetadataBuilder`

- `DependenciesToModuleDescriptorConverter` -> `LocalConfigurationMetadataBuilder`

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Run Configuration dependency actions only when required

This change fixes #3908, by deferring the execution of Configuration

`withDependencies` and `defaultDependencies` actions. Previously,

these were executed when constructing the LocalComponentMetadata

instance for resolving: this execution is now deferred until the

dependencies or excludes for the LocalConfigurationMetadata are

actually required.

Fixes #3908

Signed-off-by: Daz DeBoer <>

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