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Incremented the dependency metadata cache format version, for changes to cache keys.

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Write a little less stuff to disk for each entry in a persistent cache. Incremented the artifact cache format version, as this is a breaking change to the cache layout.

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Don't persist the configurations of a Maven module metadata, as they are always the same for every Maven module.

Incremented the metadata cache layout version.

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Use a better approximation of Maven's handling of transitive dependencies of things in 'provided' scope, when traversing the dependencies of a Maven module.

Incremented the metadata cache version, as this is (currently) a parse-time concern.

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Moved the module type specific state from the module meta indexed cache entry to the serialized meta data for the module. Serialize `ModuleComponentResolveMetadata` instances directly instead of unpacking to a mutable `ModuleDescriptorState` instance.

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Set classifier directly rather than via attributes map

Because we are no long storing a map of attributes, this bumps the

module-descriptor cache layout version.

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replace CRC32 checksum with a count of written bytes - bumping metadata cache layout version to 2.16

+review REVIEW-5622

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Split up ModuleDescriptorCacheEntry into various subtypes, for missing, ivy and maven modules. Serialize only the stuff required to recreate the entry.

This is a meta-data format change, so incremented the meta-data version.

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Bumped meta-data cache version for changes to artifact meta-data

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Renamed subprojects/core-impl to subprojects/dependency-management.

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