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Changed how the dependency resolution engine decides whether the artifacts of a 'changing' module may have changed so that the check is now more accurate.

One mechanism that is used is to consider the hash of the metadata, and if this has changed then look for other changes. Previously, the hash of the persisted module metadata (the output of parsing) would be used. However, during parsing information is discarded, meaning that the descriptor file can change in the repository but still be considered unchanged by Gradle.

Now, the hash of the content of the module descriptor file is used instead, meaning that any change to the descriptor (whitespace, comments, publication date, whatever) will be considered a change to the module.

This change is also a step towards properly considering all of the inputs to metadata parsing, such as parent or imported poms, included ivy.xml files or Gradle module metadata files, as the parser is now able to communicate this to the rest of the dependency resolution engine.

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Some simplifications to the Ivy and Maven metadata parsing. Don't extract and persist the `description` and `publicationDate` properties for Ivy and Maven as these values are not required for dependency resolution. Incremented the cache version to reflect this change.

Removed some dead code that attempted to include a `description` in a generated ivy.xml, as there is no way to specify this in the Gradle DSL.

Moved some Maven metadata properties from constructor parameters to mutable properties.

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Increment dependency cache format version for changes to repository id calculation.

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Bump metadata version

Since we changed how a POM is interpreted, we need to make sure

that Gradle will re-download POMs that it had wrongly interpreted

before. See #2282 for the change to POM parsing.

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Some tweaks to cached artifact transform outputs, and some more test coverage.

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Inject a somewhat more realistic output directory into each artifact transform. The directory points into a machine local cache under `~/.gradle`. The value is still a placeholder as several different transforms may end up with the same output directory.

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Changed module artifact caching to distinguish more strongly between the artifact's identifier, used for index keys, and the artifact's metadata, used for index values.

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Incremented the dependency metadata cache format version, for changes to cache keys.

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Write a little less stuff to disk for each entry in a persistent cache. Incremented the artifact cache format version, as this is a breaking change to the cache layout.

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Don't persist the configurations of a Maven module metadata, as they are always the same for every Maven module.

Incremented the metadata cache layout version.

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Use a better approximation of Maven's handling of transitive dependencies of things in 'provided' scope, when traversing the dependencies of a Maven module.

Incremented the metadata cache version, as this is (currently) a parse-time concern.

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Moved the module type specific state from the module meta indexed cache entry to the serialized meta data for the module. Serialize `ModuleComponentResolveMetadata` instances directly instead of unpacking to a mutable `ModuleDescriptorState` instance.

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Set classifier directly rather than via attributes map

Because we are no long storing a map of attributes, this bumps the

module-descriptor cache layout version.

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replace CRC32 checksum with a count of written bytes - bumping metadata cache layout version to 2.16

+review REVIEW-5622

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Split up ModuleDescriptorCacheEntry into various subtypes, for missing, ivy and maven modules. Serialize only the stuff required to recreate the entry.

This is a meta-data format change, so incremented the meta-data version.

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Bumped meta-data cache version for changes to artifact meta-data

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Renamed subprojects/core-impl to subprojects/dependency-management.

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