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Improve readability of reject selectors for strict constraints

- Use Maven-style open ranges `(,)` instead of Ivy-style `],[`

- Concatenate multiple ranges with `&` instead of `-`

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Add unit test to illustrate the behavior when an empty list of rejects is used

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Implement `rejectAll` on mutable version constraint

This commit leverages the prefer/reject infrastructure of version constraints

to implement incompatible module constraints. Internally, the rejection

constraint is implemented as:

- prefer empty version (aka, tells no preference)

- reject `+` (which is "reject any version starting with an empty string")

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Add a `reject` method to `MutableVersionConstraint`

This is the first step towards supporting rejected versions. It will allow the use of `reject` in the DSL,

but support is not complete yet.

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Ensure MutableVersionConstraint does not have null preferredVersion

While the interface for `VersionConstraint` declared that version was

`@Nullable`, in reality we prevented this when constructing an immutable

version constraint. This meant that `MutableVersionConstraint.asImmutable()`

converted null values to empty strings.

This changes the contract so that `VersionConstraint.preferredVersion` is no

longer `@Nullable`, and an empty string is consistently used to define a

'missing' preferred version, for all implementations of `VersionConstraint`.

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Add code coverage for `DefaultImmutableVersionConstraint`

Issue #3305

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Add basic test coverage for `DefaultMutableVersionConstraint`

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