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Add `forSubgraph()` API to version constraints

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Add `forSubgraph()` API to version constraints

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Add `strong()` API to version constraints

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Provide special display message for 'reject all'

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Add useful displayName to `VersionConstraint`

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Don't implicitly add 'prefer' with 'require'

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Ensure that 'preferredVersion' always provides a useful value

Recent versions of the build scan plugin depend on `VersionConstraint.preferredVersion`

to return a string representation of the version constraint. This was broken with the

recent introduction of `requiredVersion`, where `preferredVersion` only returned a

value when explicitly set with `prefers(version)`.

This change restores the previous functionality: a `requires` version constraint implies

a `prefers` constraint, and a `strictly` constraint implies a `requires` constraint.

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Separate 'prefer' and 'require' in dependency versions

When we introduced the ability to declare a 'preferred' version on

a dependency declaration, this was implemented such that declaring

a "required" dependency version using `org:foo:1.0` was effectively

the same as declaring a "preferred" version `org:foo { prefer '1.0' }`.

In order to differentiate between the behaviour of required and

preferred dependency versions, this commit introduces a separate

model for these constraint types. This model is published to

Gradle `.module` metadata files, and is retained internally

throughout dependency resolution.

At this stage, the behaviour of required and preferred versions

is identical. A later commit will introduce the behavioural


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Simplify construction of DefaultMutableVersionConstraint

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Retain separate versions for 'strictly' and 'prefers'

Previously, a `strictly` version constraint was translated into a separate

'prefer' and 'reject' constraint: this is how it was processed internally,

as well as how it was represented in a `.module` file.

With this change, strict version constraints are logically retained as a

first class version constraint:

- `.module` files can have versions declared with `strictly`

- Strict constraints are only translated to a reject version selector

as part of resolution (not when parsing the constraint)

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Ensure MutableVersionConstraint does not have null preferredVersion

While the interface for `VersionConstraint` declared that version was

`@Nullable`, in reality we prevented this when constructing an immutable

version constraint. This meant that `MutableVersionConstraint.asImmutable()`

converted null values to empty strings.

This changes the contract so that `VersionConstraint.preferredVersion` is no

longer `@Nullable`, and an empty string is consistently used to define a

'missing' preferred version, for all implementations of `VersionConstraint`.

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Add code coverage for `DefaultImmutableVersionConstraint`

Issue #3305

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