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Add test coverage for runtime/compile classpath of relocated dependency

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Make sure relocated POMs are visible in the `Compile` scope

This commit changes the dependency scope for relocated POM files. Previously,

we added a dependency using the `Runtime` scope. But since we activated derived

variants by default, we're using attribute based matching, which has the consequence

that a dependency added in the `compile` (`implementation`) configuration will

not get runtime dependencies anymore. Since the runtime classpath extends the

compile classpath, this commit changes the default mapped scope to `compile`, so

that relocated dependencies are visible to both scopes. It should have no

impact on leaking dependencies since the transitive, relocated, dependency will

have its `runtime` or `compile` dependencies selected appropriately.

Fixes gradle/gradle-private#1527

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Resolve parent and imported POMs as selectors, not ids

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Refine naming for MavenPomRelocationIntegrationTest

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Refactor relocation integration test and add a test for double-relocatio

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Break maven pom relocation integration test into multiple scenario and add two unit tests

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