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Use doLast instead of left shift operator

Made this change in preparation for deprecating the left shift operator.

+review REVIEW-6236

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Use component id rather than module version id in the 'required by' paths in resolve exceptions. This provides a better description for local components, and also allows for components that don't have a module version id.

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Moved `ResolveTestFixture` into a `org.gradle.integtests.fixtures` subpackage

This has the net effect of making this class visible to the Tooling API integration

tests, since the `org.gradle.integtests.fixtures` package is explicitly allowed

in the filtering classloader used by the TAPI integration tests.

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Fixed a bunch of tests to work when the machine's line separator is not \n.

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Renamed subprojects/core-impl to subprojects/dependency-management.

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