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Enable improved POM support by default

This commit makes the experimental flag `IMPROVED_POM_SUPPORT` the default.

The flag is still there for backwards compatibility but has effectively no

impact. As a consequence, the behavior of improved POM support is now the

default, which implies that:

- Maven dependencies packaged as `pom` or `jar` now have derived variants

(`compile` and `runtime`) and we properly choose between the variants based

on the consumer attributes

- platform dependencies using the `platform` and `enforcedPlatform` keywords

are enabled

Enabling improved POM support by default is a **breaking change**: there's

a risk that resolved dependencies is different, in particular because we

will now only include the `compile` dependencies of a POM file whenever the

consumer asks for the API variant. There are also some changes in the

dependency insight reports due to the use of attribute based matching instead

of configuration selection.

Last but not least, this commit is likely to introduce a small performance

regression due to attribute based selection.

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Align documentation and tests on feature preview API

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Transform FeaturePreviewsFixture to use the new API

Replaces injecting a property in the with injecting

the gradle.enableFeaturePreview in settings.gradle

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Make client module work for dependencies that declare variants (#3960)

For client modules, which is an outdated concept, we now ignore

variants completely and always fall back to configuration selection.

This is required to keep client modules working for dependencies

with pom metadata when the advanced pom support is active. This is,

because the advanced pom support derives runtime and api variants

from the scopes defined in the pom.

Signed-off-by: Jendrik Johannes <>

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Move test for nested ClientModule to live with other ClientModule tests

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Use doLast instead of left shift operator

Made this change in preparation for deprecating the left shift operator.

+review REVIEW-6236

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More leaks file handles.

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Renamed subprojects/core-impl to subprojects/dependency-management.

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