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Improved error messages in case of ambiguous matchs

This commit provides a better error message in the case we cannot choose between multiple configurations.

It will display an error message that gives the expected values, the missing attributes, and the attributes

that were found but not requested.

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Handle the case where an attribute is relevant to the consumer but not to the producer

This commit introduces the notion of "partial matches", which are allowed whenever an attribute

is relevant to a consumer, but not to a producer. For example, a consumer wants to depend on

a library with `flavor: 'free', buildType:'debug'` but the consumer only cares about flavors.

In that case, we have a partial match. This commit changes the algorithm to take that into

account, and makes sure that complete matches are preferred over partial matches.

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Add integration test cases for the use cases we want to cover in better attribute matching

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Add strongly typed variant of configuration attributes resolution integration test

This test adds a variant of the configuration attributes resolving integration test that

makes use of strongly typed attributes instead of the basic string version. To do this,

tests were extracted into a super class and both variants of the test provide the notation

for attributes.

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