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Renamed ‘cunit’ project to ‘testing-native’

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Converted native language plugins to use @LanguageType

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Need ‘-pthread’ when linking with GoogleTest with Clang as well as Gcc on Linux

Windows support for GoogleTest

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Fix GoogleTest for linux (hopefully) by linking with -pthread

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Simplified googleTest integration tests by supplying main method in test code

- Could not get main method provided by static library working on windows or linux

- We should add a generator task to create the boilerplate main method

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Disable googleTest integTests until we have functional windows and linux binaries

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Attempt to fix integration tests - Normalize path in CUnit integration test on windows - GoogleTest integration test for now

Ignore GoogleTest integ tests on windows until they are verified.

Don’t have a GoogleTest binary for VS2010

Fixes for classes moved in master

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Merge branch 'master' into Shad0w1nk-google-test

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Moved component report + cunit int test to live in cunit project.

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Moved TestSuiteContainer and impl from platformNative to platformBase.

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Wire the native test tasks into the ‘check’ lifecycle task

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Remove AppliedPlugins and make PluginManager the public replacement for PluginContainer.

+review REVIEW-5298

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Add apply(String) and apply(Class) to PluginAware.

+review REVIEW-5298

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Fix components report when CUnit plugin applied to native library

Google Test framework initial integration with Gradle. It includes plugin, tests, docs and sample.

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Change model registry storage from being a table of opaque objects, to a graph of properties.

This doesn't quite satisfy the story goal of being able to target rules to nested properties, because we don't know about the nested properties until we create the objects. If we are using by-type bindings then we don't know that we need to create the parent object. To solve this we need to start populating the graph when something is registered (i.e. insert it in a kind of pending state, with its links also in a pending state) and then only populate the data when the node is “initialised”.

We are also only respecting one level of depth at the moment. That is, we treat (as far as the model graph is concerned) the properties of managed elements as unmanaged. Later stories will make this fully “transitive”.


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Use @ComponentType to register native component types

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AbstractNativeBinarySpec extends BaseBinarySpec

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AbstractNativeComponentSpec extends BaseComponentSpec

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Fix integration test

Migrate more native integration tests to define components within model block

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All LanguageSourceSet instances are associated with a component instance

- ProjectSourceSet is a flat collection of LanguageSourceSets

- Each component has a FunctionalSourceSet

- Each binary for a component gets a copy of the component's FunctionalSourceSet

- Any source set added to a FunctionalSourceSet is automatically in the ProjectSourceSet

- Most rules that deal with source sets iterate over sources for a component, rather than everything in ProjectSourceSet

- Updated all tests so that LanguageSourceSets are created directly for a component/binary,

rather than declaring them in the sources container and then referencing them from component/binary

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Moved FunctionalSourceSet off the public ComponentSpec api

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Updated CUnit binary for linux

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Use 32-bit binaries when testing CUnit

- This is a fix for the build: we should test that we can build both

32 & 64 bit variants against CUnit on platforms that support this.

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Remove PluginAwareInternal.

Snowballed into completely rewriting PluginManager and parts of DefaultPluginContainer.

+review REVIEW-5214

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