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Rearranged the packaging structure for the cpp plugin.

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Remove CppSourceSetContainer and friends, replacing with FactoryNamedDomainObjectContainer.

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Tightened up the collection api semantics, and renamed some internal classes.

An important change here is the formalisation of the concept of a “NamedDomainObjectContainer” as a specialised version of “NamedDomainObjectSet” that adds the additional behaviour such as rules and auto creation. All of these functions existed previously, but they were not encapsulated into the concept of a “container”.

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Made DomainObjectCollection and implementation of java.util.Collection.

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The add(String[, Closure]) methods on AutoCreateDomainObjectContainer have been renamed to “create”.

This is necessary for an upcoming change were DomainObjectCollections become actual Collection implementations. The existing specialisations of AutoCreateDomainObjectContainer (e.g. SourceSetContainer) have maintained the add() methods though, for backwards compatibility.

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Added support for specify header include roots in a compile.

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Checkstyle fixes.

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CppSourceSet and friends.

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