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Renamed `SettingsHandler` -> `DefaultSettingsLoader`

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Merged AbstractProject into DefaultProject and BaseSettings into DefaultSettings.

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Moved `canonicalize()` method from `GFileUtils` to `FileUtils`.

GFileUtils requires Ant and its dependencies. Moving the method to a better home breaks this dependency for clients of the method.

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Added SettingsInternal.rootClassLoaderScope to make explicit which scope to use as the parent for build scripts.

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Simplify ClassLoaderScope.

- Allow attaching of arbitrary classloaders (supports graphs instead of just trees)

- Remove “base” concept

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Introduce ClassLoaderScope.

Attempts to model the class loader relationships more explicitly, and encapsulate class loader creation. It also allows lazy classloader creation (in a more obvious way than before) which allows short circuiting in the classloader hierarchy.

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