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Get rid of TaskPropertySpecs in property package

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Calculate caching state outside of TaskOutputs

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Disable caching when lambda is used as input

We disable caching an up-to-date checks whenever a lambda is used as


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Make tests more readable and reliable

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Use inception time of journal as fallback

Prior to this commit the file modification timestamp was used as

fallback when the last access time was unknown. That lead to a lot of

files being deleted when first using the new Gradle distribution that

includes cleaning up of shared caches. In particular for dependencies

that have not been updated in the last 30 days and were not used in the

first build, lots of files would have to be redownloaded

This commit persists the inception time of the file access time journal

and uses it as the fallback for unknown files. This way, less files will

be cleaned up initially.

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Clean up copy specs

- Add `@Override` annotations where necessary

- Add `@Nullable` and `@NonNullApi` annotations where necessary

- Some small optimizations

- Fix IntelliJ warnings

- Remove some dead code

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Support rich task inputs (#3720)

@Nested inputs are now discovered based on the runtime type instead of the static type.

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Report reasons for not caching (#1187)

We report the reasons why caching is disabled for a task. To that end you can call `cacheIf` and `doNotCacheIf` providing a description for the `Spec`.

It looks like it makes sense to call `cacheIf(Spec)` without providing a description when unconditionally enabling caching (e.g. `cacheIf { true }`).

For `doNotCacheIf` it always makes sense to provide a description why caching would be disabled. This is why we deprecate calling `doNotCacheIf` without providing any description while we do not deprecate calling `cacheIf` without providing a description.

Moreover, we moved resolving of task output caching state to an own executer. By this we know even for an up to date task if it is cacheable or not.

We evaluate cacheability of a task only if caching is enabled. If caching is disabled we use `DISABLED` as `TaskOutputCaching` in TaskStateInternal and do not log any message for each task.

+review REVIEW-6426

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Disable task output caching when copy task has custom actions

I.e. when the user calls any of the `rename()`, `filter()`, `expand()` or `eachFile()` methods.

+review REVIEW-6281

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Revert "Disable task output caching when copy task has custom actions"

This reverts commit 39f8a531ab402516d62c4107d4f3171816d3482f.

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Disable task output caching when copy task has custom actions

I.e. when the user calls any of the `rename()`, `filter()`, `expand()` or `eachFile()` methods.

+review REVIEW-6281

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Remove deprecated methods on TestUtil (#672)

In order to use project builder correctly without having

leaking files on windows it is necessary to initialize

the test fixture for NativeServices and clean up

the test directory after building.

AbstractProjectBuilderSpec provides a nice base class

for Groovy tests.

I removed the deprecated methods since using them leads

to files lying around. Migrating all the usages to the "new"

way ensures it is used correctly.

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Test fixes now that properties are not defined on assignment.

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Removed deprecated AbstractCopyTask.defaultSource property.

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introduced CopySpecResolver: checkpoint

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renamed HelperUtil to TestUtil (REVIEW-1626)

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REVIEW-2715 - spockify tests.

Rename the CopySpecContentVisitor type to CopyAction.

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Keep less state as instance variables for the copy task hierarchy, and generally detangle things.

The primary change is that the visitors are now created just to do the processing, meaning that the tasks no longer incur their weight after the copy.

This change also removed CopyAction and its various implementations, reducing the number of classes overall.

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