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Minor tweak to layout of prompt used to ask user to select an option from a list.

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Allow the user to be prompted with a yes/no question that has a default response.

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Some work-arounds to improve the behaviour of the interactive prompts used by the `init` task. Ideally, the console infrastructure would better handle the prompts but this requires some deeper changes. The work-arounds allow us to try out the interactive behaviour and can be fixed later.

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Change the user prompt infrastructure to give the user some feedback when they enter a value that isn't valid for the question. Add some test coverage for user prompting.

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Change the `init` task to prompt the user for any build init settings that were not specified on the command-line.

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Avoid deadlock between output event renderer and listener manager (#4661)

Previously, the output event listener that forward build op notifications was downstream of the output event renderer, which has its own lock. It was possible to deadlock between this lock and the global listener manager lock.

Now, the build op notification forwarder is a peer of the renderer, so is not notified under its lock.

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Capture user input via internal API (#3007)

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