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[GRADLE-3317] Changes test to an integ test to fix class visibility issue.

+review REVIEW-5557

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[GRADLE-3317] Cleans up class inspection post code review * Moves test closer to the real issue * Adds more coverage to class inspector test * Prevents redundantly walking the super class hierarchy

+review REVIEW-5557

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Moved knowledge of the default task implementation to TaskFactory.

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Changed ITaskFactory so that it extends NamedEntityInstantiator, to tease apart TaskContainer from the logic that knows how to create a task.

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renamed HelperUtil to TestUtil (REVIEW-1626)

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GRADLE-2755: Evaluate task parameter and fail if a parameter does not exist.

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Allow a ITaskFactory to be contextualised with a Project and Instantiator to use to create tasks.

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Ported test to spock.

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