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Allow lenient project locking when getting project models from tooling api

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Use a single project lock any time a project can be mutated

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Change `ProjectComponentIdentifier` and `ProjectComponentSelector` implementations to carry enough information to report the correct display name and project name. Change more places to delegate to the `BuildState` for a particular build to determine these values for a given project, rather than duplicating the logic to calculate these things.

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Move responsibility for creation of the `ProjectComponentIdentifier` for a project to the owning build instance and removed a number of places where the project identifier was being recreated.

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Move knowledge of whether an IDE project should or should not be included in a generated IDE workspace into the `IdeArtifactRegistry`. Change `ProjectStateRegistry` so that it does not need to care whether a project belongs to an implicitly defined build or not.

This change also includes some method renames for clarity.

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Rename a service implementation to match the service interface name.

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